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At design school, there is a lot of wood waste at school workshop in each semester. Some of these wood pieces will be reused but other are too small or have damage let it hard to reuse. It causes a lot of wastes to our environment

Wood-driver is designed in an event that used leftover piece of wood at a shop to reuse and create another value to reach the goal, zero waste in our school workshop. 

Group Project /

Undergraduate project

Institution /

National Taiwan Normal University

Year /


Skills practiced /

- Wood working

- Product design



The formation of concepts


The cut off piece of wood is the most common item we can see at design school workshop. The number of wood we consumed is tremendous. Even wood can directly go to landfill and be decomposed, it still causes huge load to our environment.

Interview response


The wood is the most common material design student will use. The situation right now is important to let us know how much waste we cause

We need to find some way to utilize these leftover material

After we realize how much wood waste we caused, I went deeper into some school policy to take a look about the existing solution.

The new way to reuse cut off wood piece material.


My solution, new small product 

The leftover wood material size limit the way we can reuse and the product we can design, so we need to create a good small wood product.

The wood from forest 

Design school 

Leftover material and trash

Wood-driver, the recycle wood usb


Wood-driver is a usb that was made by the cut off wood at workshop. It is small and combines by layer, so it can fully reuse all leftover wood

The wood-driver was made by several layer of wood combine together.

The driver will follow the wood grain to make sure it looks like a whole piece

The angle is designed for easy holding and it was cut after glue together

The outlook of wood-driver was referenced form of chocolate to let it more appealing. It lets the wood-driver can be saw as a special gift that people can buy to their lover

The most special part of wood-driver is that it can be made by a lot of different wood. Sometime even can use some special or expensive wood and still won't take too much cost because it is using leftover material. Different kind of wood material also will show distinct feeling and make it more appealing people.

The scenario and business plan


The wood-driver also can become a product that can earn some money back to school and student to create more benefit

Six step iteration