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Plant light is a potted with light that utilizing the feature of the plant generate electricity when they do photosynthesis and collect electricity for lighting. After gathering enough electricity, it will provide to light system to illuminate the room at night and increase the functional feature of the plant.

Project Type /

Individual Project

Institution /

National Taiwan Normal University

Year /


Skills practiced /

Product design


Indoor green plant, the decoration plant people will use and put on their home. It can rich our home and provide some mental support to us. However, there are a lot of people don't like those indoor plants because their disadvantage is bigger than an advantage. Therefore, how to raise the proportion of those green plants is the thing we can consider about it.



Everyone knows we should put some green plant in our room, but the indoor plant will take space and need to take care about it. Even more the plant doesn't have any functional use. It reduces the willingness of people desire.

- We need more Green plant at our home

- Limit space to put potted

- There are no other function except colorful and decorative


We need some functional feature to add the value of indoor green plant to let more people want to use it, so I start to think about the possibility of the combination between the most common item at home, light, and the plant potted



I started to search more in-depth combination and connection between light and plant. I found that the plant will generate electricity when it is photosynthetic. This process not only adds the meaning of light on plant but also lets the plant light very eco-friendly.


The process of photosynthetic can generate electricity:

- The process is helped by micro organisms in water and soil

- When the water break down, it generates ion

- When ion reacts with CO2, it will produce electricity 

- We can collect electricity with specific device



At daylight, the plant light can service the function of decorative potted plant at room. The battery down at the bottom of potted will start to collect the electricity generate by plant on top.


1. Choose the indoor plant we like to put into plant light potted

2. Pour the water into potted to let plant do photosynthetic

3. The switch on top can turn on the light 

At this process, the bacteria in the soil will react with water and the ion that plant release to create electricity


5. High chaning

4. The light on and off

The potted will collect electricity to provide power

資產 10.png

The light on top can adjust into different high to become the main light source at room

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