Sitting is one of the most common activities people will do. We spend more than one three of our time on the chair. It ends with people using different weird positions sitting on the chair in order to solve the body stiff issue.

Ciago is a rotating chair that has a different sitting position by turning and rotating the back into a distinct angle. It utilizes the ball joint structure at the seat back to create a fully fit seat back that can follow people's body position.

Project Type /

Individual Project

Institution /

Freelance, studio project

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Skills practiced /

Furniture design

Form innovation

Interaction design


People spend a lot of time on the chair. Sitting can say is one of the most common activity people will do. In order to sit more comfortable, we will like to keep change our position. But unlike human body, the chair can't move follow our motion. So I was wondering can we design a chair that can follow our movement?

“A chair can move with our body position?” 


Most of the rotation chairs are turned at the seat part. However, our body position mostly change starting at the back part. I want to design a turning chair that the seat back can follow our position not the seat part and always fit our back no matter which position we have. 


In order to reach the idea that the seat back can rotate into any direction and angle, I started to study the ball joint. I think it is the answer of my design.



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