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There are too many different kind of disaster and emergency situation but it is hard to find a safety device in our home can respond all of dangers. 

The Guardian is a device that is combined into socket and can serve distinct function and handle multiple emergency situation to make our living space safe.

Project Type /

Group Project

Institution /

National Taiwan Normal University

Year /


Skills practiced /

Problem solving


The building in Taiwan are tended to set up high and at least have 4 floor because there are not too much land at here. However, Taiwan is also one of the most numerous natural disaster place. How to make our living environment safe is the most important thing we need to consider about. 

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Every year, there are a lot of different natural disaster happens. Most of the public building or space have enough safety plan and emergency device. But how about our living space?



There are several common emergency device for apartment. But most of them are not common and not fit into the Taiwan most common house.

44_工作區域 1.jpg



To design a safety device that can easy to be used at home and don't need extra space or any change and can join into our home simply. This safety device also need to have several different function that can deal with different disaster and situation.




22_工作區域 1.jpg

Mock up & prototyping

77_工作區域 1.jpg



This board is using a same broad as normal socket back broad so people don't need to change the whole thing and can just put the device on

This part is the Guardian sensor and the place side LED light 

The control broad are used to connect the power system and decide when the direction light will on.


1.Put the device on

1. Install the device

2. Connect to system

3.Disaster happen

4.Light on

5.Safely escape

The socket with safety device not only can save space but also the high is perfect when disaster happen.

The direction of arrow at light can be changed when people install it.

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