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This project tried to promote sanddab fish, one kind of flatfish have low consumption rates in east coast.

Sanddab chips is a potato chips mix with a dry sanddab salt and powder. It's a fish flavor chips but the flavor won't be to strong and can easy to accept by the people who think the fishy flavor is hard to take it. Sanddab chips can increase the consumption of fish and improve the acceptance of fish snack at the west world.

Project Type /

Group Project with

Helen Peper,

Benjamin Kapoor

Institution /

Parsons School of Design

Year /


Skills practiced /

Problem solving

Food design


Sanddab is one kind of flatfish but it is smaller than other dab. It is only around 4 to 6 inch long. Sanddab is one of the alternative fish for expensive white fish but it is not common at market. Also, the size of sanddab makes it hard to become popular.

66_工作區域 1.jpg


Value proposition 

We want to find the way to promote sanddab fish into market and utilize this nature gift. So we need to find a way to turn Sanddab into something people will eat and reach the goal to let people know this kind of fish and let it popular


Target user


"I am a child at heart who loves the quirky and weird things in life. Relaxing means watching my favorite series or being outside on the weekend. Foreign things are interesting to me and I would like to travel to Barcelona and Hamburg. I am curious about new food and I have fun trying things when I have the opportunity."

-  I want products that create experiences that I can share with others. 

-  They should be playful, curious and a little weird. 

What kind of user we are searching for?

To Snack

From Sanddabs







The Food that can consumption Sanddab and at the same time let people who can't eat too fishy thing can eat it. We decided to turn sanddab into chips which is one of the most favorite food in the world.


The Newera is a potato chips mix with sanddab salt. The Salt is made of dry fish meat and bone that is grinder into power. The flavor of Newera will be a little bit fishy but not too much and it also have natural salt flavor that it good with any potato chips sauce.


Market plan

The comparison of seaweed's market, there are a lot of thing sanddab can learn about.

Dry seaweed was not common at West World

Seaweed became popular with sushi and Japanese culture and let America people able to eat dry food

Using the most popular food, potato chips, to let people to accept alternative version of fish and let people like it and start to try some fish related product.


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