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Public space, like time square plaza, is designed for increasing people interaction. But it is not everyone that has a nice social ability to interact with stranger in those areas. We need some assistance to push them.

Base on observation, slide seat is a public furniture that utilizes people desire of touching and pushing. By pushing, it can form a sitting place in both sides for people and create the point for people to interact with each other.

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Individual Project

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Parsons School of Design

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In modern design trend, public space become one of the most significant element. People start to break down the boundary in order to improving the social connection and people interaction. Public space, like time square plaza, is seen as a place that people can interact with each other and build the connection.


Time square plaza, New York


Times Square Alliance is pleased to announce a program to commission several pieces of custom street furniture from independent designers, bringing New York’s best creative talent to New York’s most famous plaza.

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Base on observation at the public space, I found that people usually like to touch after they saw something interesting. This touching motion help people have a connection with the object in the public space. Therefore, I want to combine this motion into my concept and create a opportunity to force people have interaction with stranger by their motion.

資產 3.png

- Touching, the first instinct people will have when they see something new

- Sense of touch have people get deeper information

- Cooperation with other people will create a connection


11_工作區域 1.jpg


Slide seat is a public chair that have seats in both side. When the seats stay in the same side, it won’s be able to sit and then people need to push away one of the seat. By this motion, it will create a seat for the people at opposite side and force people have a interaction with stranger.

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public furniture 2.61.png
public furniture 2.62.png
public furniture 2.63.png
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